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Moses Morgenstern PC provides comprehensive financial advisory services to for-profit enterprises as well as to not-for-profit organizations. Company-wide audits, reviews or compilations, 401(k) audits, as well as preparation of financial statements can ensure your business stays on top of its game.

We will help you to use these statements and other financial reports to better manage your business and increase your profitability.

Good financial records are important for several reasons:

1. Bank loans require reports of past performance
2. Daily operating decisions are based on financial reports.
3. Tax return numbers need proper substantiation.

In addition they are useful to businesses to:

1. Help make quick management decisions based on year-to-date comparisons
2. Perform organized projections of future revenue and cost
3. Conduct systematic reviews of sale, gross profit and net profit
4. Compare total accounts receivable/payable of multiple years to identify problems and take corrective action

If you would like to learn more about financial statements and how they can increase your businesses profitability we would be happy to assist you. Understanding financial information is easier than many people think. We will help you until you are comfortable enough to utilize your company's numerical data to increase its profitability.

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